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We are excited to be partnering with Awakeri school to create a fundraising opportunity. For every dozen of eggs sold the school will receive a $1 donation. If 100 people sign up for a regular order the school will receive over $5,000 each year!

  • Chickens are moved everyday onto fresh pasture and are free to roam. 
  • All chicken feed is free of Soy + GMO’s
  • Absolutely NO cages, just a caravan to roost and lay eggs in.
  • NO sprays, synthetic fertilisers or antibiotics are used on our farm.

In the 'Additional Delivery Notes' please write the name of the child who introduced you to Circular. and each Thursday the teacher will distribute the eggs to the children at the end of the day to bring home. 

If you are not confident the eggs will arrive home in one piece select one of our other product options and they will be delivered to your house as this option is Pick up only. If you choose to do this when checking out in 'Additional Delivery Notes' write Awakeri and the child's name to ensure the school still gets the donation.

If you're a regular egg eater and don't want to have to remember to place an order each week subscribe today. If you're going away on holiday, no problem just pause your subscription for as long as you need or stop it at anytime. 

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