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Chickens moved onto fresh pasture daily and free to roam 365 days a year result in delicious eggs.

  • All chicken feed is free of Soy + GMO’s
  • Absolutely NO cages, just a caravan to roost and lay eggs in.
  • NO sprays, synthetic fertilisers or antibiotics are used on our farm.
  • Remember 5% of all egg sales are donated to a local project, school or charity.
  • Deliveries are completed on Monday (Ohope), Wednesday (Whakatane) or Thursday (Edgecumbe, Matata, Coastlands).

Free delivery if you subscribe today. Going away on holiday, no problem just pause your subscription for as long as you need or stop it at anytime. 

If your eggs won't fit in your letter box or you'd prefer them put somewhere else please make a note in delivery instructions as to where you would like them.

Unfortunately at this time we are only able to deliver to the Whakatane/Edgecumbe/Ohope/Matata area.

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