Humanity will face some massive challenges over the coming century. Our current agriculture system is a big part of the problem. To do our part in achieving a bright future our focus is on improving the environment in our community and on our property.

Food Waste

The food system is broken. This is not only to the detriment of our health but also our planets health. Our mission is to create a CIRCULAR system, where food leaves the farm to nourish and grow healthy people and ‘waste’ comes back to the farm to nourish our animals and our soils.

Currently the worlds population is around 7.7 billion people, projected to rise to around 11 billion by 2100. To ensure we can fed all these people the number one thing we can do is stop wasting food. Approximately 40% of the food that is grown is wasted. A huge amount of food is wasted before it reaches our homes but it is estimated that New Zealanders waste 12% of all the food they buy. Some is composted but ultimately most of it ends up in landfill. Its food, it breaks down so why does this matter? In landfill the food is compacted down in amongst the rest of our trash creating an anaerobic environment. So instead of the food breaking down to a beautiful compost. It breaks down into methane which is a potent green house gas and leachate that when mixed with the rest of the landfill waste becomes toxic and very expensive to manage.

To avoid this obviously the best thing to do is buy less and eat everything we buy, however the next best thing is the food is fed to animals to make more food. We want to collect your food waste. To still ensure our chickens are being fed a diet that is appropriate for there optimum health we will further process the waste turning it into high quality protein and compost through maggot and worm farming. Yes I said maggots. Although kind of gross fly’s are very efficient at reducing waste and their maggots are an excellent source of chicken fed.  Whatever the maggots don’t digest is then fed to worms, this creates yet another delicious food source for the chicken but the by product is an excellent fertiliser for our farm. A fully CIRCULAR system. No waste.

Tree Planting Plan

Tree's are amazing. Unfortunately when we bought our property there were basically no trees on it. The flip side to this was we had a blank canvas to work with so we employed a permaculture design specialist to create a tree planting plan for us. See above. One of the permaculture principles are every tree you plant must serve at least 5 purposes. For us the main purposes are; 

  • Fodder for our stock - to create healthy food you need healthy animals. We believe to get healthy animals they need a diverse diet. All the trees will provide different minerals to our stock hopefully making them strong and healthy.
  • Shelter for our stock - on hot summer days or when a cold southerly is blowing who doesn't like hiding by a tree for a bit of shelter.
  • Food for human consumption - we are planting various nut and fruit trees throughout. 
  • Mineral cycling - without the use of synthetic fertilisers we need to get our minerals cycling how nature always intended. Lots of diversity. Every plant is higher or lower in different minerals, some have roots that go deep down others have roots that fed from the surface. Through leaf drop and cows browsing the trees then pooping, trees which are deep rooted are able to bring minerals from deep down up to the surface. A perfectly CIRCULAR system.
  • Aesthetics - we are hoping as the trees mature we will feel like we're in our own little bush block.
  • Ecosystem diversity - one of the reasons we are currently in a mass extinction is habitat loss. By planting trees on our farm we hope to create a habitat for lots of different birds and insects.

For everyone who signs up to waste collection we will plant a tree. Please help us achieve our dream of a farm that is not just a farm but a thriving ecosystem.

Lets get planting


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