Our Chickens are free to roam on fresh pasture everyday. In nature anywhere there is a herd of herbivores, birds follow them, eating any pesky worms and bugs that may be detrimental to the herbivores health but are a delicious, nutritious snack for the bird. We mimic this by following the cows with our chickens. The chickens live in trailers. Each night when they hop on their perches to roost the doors are closed. At first light they are moved to a paddock where the cows have grazed, the doors are opened and off they go. This allows the chicken to express its natural tendencies, it is outside free to roam, scratch, peak, flap its wings and generally just be a chicken. No cages, just fresh air.

Allowing a chicken to express its natural tendencies and having fresh pasture everyday to eat and forage about in goes along way towards making a delicious egg. However their diet still needs supplementing further. Our ultimate goal (disclaimer, we’re not there yet but are working towards it) is not to feed our chickens any food that would be fit for human consumption. All layer meals contain grains that could be fed to humans. In addition the majority of layer meal in NZ has soya as its protein source in it and I am yet to find a company that can guarantee it is GMO free as none of the soya is grown here in NZ. This is where your food waste comes in. To still ensure our chickens are being fed a diet that is appropriate for there optimum health we will further process the waste turning it into high quality protein. Learn more.


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